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Jena Newman, Founder

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, I moved to Kansas City to pursue a career as an animal trainer. I have now been training animals since 2008. I have worked with a range of different animals including California Sea Lions, African Elephants, Gorillas, Leopards, and Dogs. It is fascinating to watch and work with animal behavior; every animal is different and learns in different ways.  Navigating each individual animal is well worth the task when they finally understand what you are wanting from them. The result is not only clarity for them, but such a success for the trainer.

My goal is to work with dogs and their owners to create healthy, fulfilling relationships. I use positive reinforcement training techniques which are based on praise and positive actions or rewards, rather than punishment, to teach your dog right from wrong. The most important thing is to know what motivates your dog, and use that motivator as a reward for the correct behavior. You can use treats, toys, physical affection, verbal praise or a combination of any of those can be used, to reward your dog for desirable behavior.

I am currently a professional member and Treasurer of HEARTland Positive Dog Training Alliance.  Through this I am continuing my education and staying current on the latest scientific developments, learning theory and new training methods. I am consistently seeking out educational opportunities because I believe there is always more to learn. I was also an evaluator for Pets for Life for 2 years. I evaluated owners and their dogs to become therapy pets. This was such an amazing opportunity and has prepared me to help your dog become a therapy pet.