Interview with Newman's Owner, Jena Newman

I love the joy animals can bring into your life. There is nothing better than coming home to a wagging tail.
— Jena Newman

Learn more about the founder and owner of Newman’s Dog Training, Walking & Pet Sitting, Jena Newman!

The Interview

How old were you when you got your first pet?

Oh man, I have always had pets. The first dog I had growing up was a Cockapoo named Missy and Tilly was my first cat. As an adult and fully responsible for my own pets, my first cat was a Tuxedo cat named Milo and first dog is a Chocolate Labrador named Dexter who is 9 years young!

What are all the pets you have had in your life?

Throughout my life I have had a total of 5 dogs, 5 cats, and 1 Peach faced Lovebird.

What is your home town?

Fayetteville, Arkansas. If you haven't been, run don't walk. It is so gorgeous such a friendly place. We try to visit as much as possible.

What's your favorite part about Kansas City?

I love that it provides everything a big city can offer but still has a small town feel. After being here for over 10 years it amazes me how almost every time I meet someone new we have a friend in common. 

What's the funniest animal situation you've been in? 

This takes me back to when I was a zoo keeper. Oh man, how do I pick just one. When I was working with the Gorillas they liked to play tag. They would tap you then run to the other holding and put their rear up to the mesh. Once you tagged them they would run back. They are fast and it was exhausting but we both were having so much fun. (This was all very safe and no, we were never in with the Gorillas. There was always a barrier between us.)

What is an animal we would be surprised you have worked with? 

I guess if you didn't know that I worked at the Kansas City Zoo then all of these would surprise you. But the ones that really captured my heart while I was there were the Elephants, Sea lions, Gorillas, Bongos and the Gibbons. There are so many more but I will spare you listing them all.


Favorite skill to teach a dog? 

My favorite fun thing to teach a dog is to "Take a Bow." I find it adorable!

Favorite TV show at the moment? 

This is Us, hands down! Guilty pleasure is "Younger" and "The Bold Type"

Favorite music at the moment? 

Robyn is my current go to these days. Puts a hop in my step.

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