The Most Trusted Dog Walkers in Kansas City

What We Do
We would love to get your dog outside and get some energy out. We will come to your home and pick up your dog and take them for a walk. So when you come home you will have a tired, well-exercised friend waiting for you. The length of the walk completely depends on your dog's needs. You can choose from a 15 minute or 30 minute walk.

What Sets Us Apart
Our dog walkers use an app that starts and starts each walk with a picture of the dog being walked, then the walk finishes with a picture. After the walk is completed in the app, the walker fills in info about the walk, including a brief note from the walker. This gives everyone the piece of mind that the walk occurred, and exactly when and how long the walk lasted. Each dog walker also has training in pet first aid, as well as info on pet first aid and cpr on hand for each walk. We take pride in providing the best dog walking experience for both the pet, and the owner.



Walking Prices

15 minute walk $15  
30 minute walk $25

This price is for individual walks.

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Walking Packages

Package of 10 15 min $135
Package of 10 30 min $225

Prices are for sporadic walks. If you don't have a set schedule and randomly need us then this is for you.


Minimum 3 Walks a Week

Package of 10 15 min $135
Package of 10 30 min $210

If you have us walk your dog weekly for a set of days (3 days minimum Monday through Friday) you get discounted rates.



We are the professional Dog Walkers you have been looking for!

Would you like to come home to a tired dog? Would your dog love getting outside while you are at work?